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Central Department of Geology

Tribhuvan University

Kirtipur, Kathmandu 44618, Nepal

Phone: +977-1-4332449

Email: info@tugeology.edu.np 

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1. Entrance Result, 2074/75

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Academic Calendar

This is a Academic Calender of CDG

Entrance Examination                                           : Chaitra

Admission                                                            : Chaitra

Orientation Class                                                  : Baisakh

Beginning of First Academic Year                         : Baisakh

Fieldwork                                                             : Mangsir

Practical Examination                                           : Magh

Theoretical Examination                                       : Falgun

Beginning of the Second Academic Year               : Chaitra

Field work                                                            : Mangsir

Practical Exam                                                      : Falgun

Theoretical Exam                                                  : Chaitra

Anniversary of CDG                                               : Mangsir 29th

Winter Academic Calendar of Department for 2017/2018 is as follow, click on the image for larger view: