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Central Department of Geology

Tribhuvan University

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Dr. Naresh Kazi Tamrakar, Associate Professor

Dr. Tamrakar completed M. Sc. from TU, M. S. from Department of Geoscience and Engineering, Shimane University, Japan, and Ph. D. from TU in 2006 . Tamrakar is the recipient of the Nepal Vidyabhushan Medal ‘Ka’ and the Mahendra Vidyabhushan Medal ‘Kha’. He has authored more than 43 peer reviewed national and international scientific research papers, and four geological text books. He has been a faculty member in the Central Department of Geology, TU, since 1995.

Research interest: Study of physical, mechanical and petrographical properties of rocks and aggregates as construction material, landslides and sedimentary environments of the Siwaliks and other regions of the Himalayas, and study of controls on dynamics and morphology of mountain and urban rivers.

   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The CDG has high equipped petrographic laboratory with all the facilities from rock cutting, slicing and lapping into thin slicing to mineral, ledge rock or rock core...



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The anniversary of the CDG is celeberated on Mangsir 29th of each year by organizing various activities including sports. During the anniversary, the department... 

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The sport tournament is held at the second week of Mangsir according to Nepalese calendar. The tournament is conducted mainly to expand activities on the occasion of ...

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Library of CDG (Plate 3) was established in 2006 after merging out from isolated collection corners of the department as well as of Nepal Geological Students’ Society...